feast: BREAD
video reel 1m53s (full length 6m 20s)

feast: WATER
video 2m

These works in progress corresponds to a series of free verse poems reflecting on my spiritual and religious history. These poems are long, often with several sections which connect intuitively, chronicling moments of religious conviction – such as baptism – and the complex reasons why I chose to pass through such a ritual or not. I also examine everyday moments – such as a conversation with my husband about recycling – and draw out their significance. In doing so, I connect the sacred/secular divide, showing the unfaithful motivations behind some acts of faith, and the spiritual meaning in ordinary acts.

This poem, “feast,” explores consumption in various forms: a childhood memory about communion, a college trip to the farmer’s market, and my friendship with a woman who had an eating disorder. The words glow in a somewhat sacred or eerie way, the colors slowly shifting from white-yellow to white-green.