Sun Park / ABOUT


Sun Park is an interdisciplinary artist and writer currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Art at San Francisco State University. Sun has taught digital art, and co-founded the Art Student Union.


The environments I create invite viewers into a deeply intimate internal space, an embodied space that exists beyond symbols. With no solid ground or single point of origin, my work leaves room for the unknown and calls on the viewers’ intuition.

Through interactive installation and video, I consider entangled bodies—human bodies, animal bodies, bodies of water, divine bodies, or a community—and the physical sensation of their porosity. Layers of touch, sight, sound, color, and texture divulge a process of growth and decay.  Viewers touch slime and sand, skin meeting skin, soft and cool. Animate blobs pulse, dirt trickles from secret cavities, fluids drip from ducts, amorphous forms spill into each other. Permeable containers morph and atrophy, transforming through stages of purification, obliteration, and resurrection. Dredged up from the depths, distorted in mud, reanimated in bright color, the origin becomes unrecognizable.

My objects, installations, videos, and writing combine to create mythological worlds. My interdisciplinary mythology is about the embodied sensations of being in community. Borders shift as characters interact with each other and enter/exit from one environment to another. The Room and the Roar are two contrasting yet connected worlds that offer different forms of relating. Colonial methods of categorization rely on negative definitions and “pure” binaries; I work from binaries as exemplified in yinyang ideology. This way of thinking allows for opposites to contain interdependence, contradiction, and mutual inclusion. Multiple relations can exist at once, their energy derived from the interaction between their difference.

I abstract my personal history and placement in institutions into my own fantasy worlds. My environments replicate the disembodiment, repression, and power relations common in those institutions, and also imagine new ways of being and relating. I combine places of embodied delight and spirituality—the beach, the hills and salt marshes I grew up next to—with aesthetics and ideology from spiritual forms I am exploring—Korean shamanism and folk magic.

The objects and text shape each other, interdependent forms that are mutually connected in an unending cycle. From this relationship, I hope to create a way of making meaning that allows for complexity, where knowing happens through multiple interactions. Language creates distance from the body, and direct touching of the object brings viewers into their bodies. This oscillation between near and far and creates space for the erotic.

My work is an invitation to be enchanted and humbled in our bodies. I gently refute the tenants of Western embodiment and discrete individualism by recognizing porous, entangled, changing bodies. When the surface of a body meets the surface of an environment, they seep through borders, and flow into each other.

Sun Park / ABOUT