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feast: BREAD video reel 3m (6m 20s), 2018

feast: WATER video 2m, 2018

open (body) video 2m, 2019
Diverging Magazine publication link

feast correspond to a series of free verse poems reflecting on my spiritual and religious history. These poems are long, often with several sections which connect intuitively, chronicling moments of religious conviction – such as baptism – and the complex reasons why I chose to pass through such a ritual or not. I also examine everyday moments – such as a conversation with my husband about recycling – and draw out their significance. In doing so, I connect the sacred/secular divide, showing the unfaithful motivations behind some acts of faith, and the spiritual meaning in ordinary acts.

open (body) continues in this vein of spiritual contemplation and ritual, via a devotional video and text made for Progressive Asian American Christian’s Diverging Magazine.

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